Incident Details






Details Description
7 Penmanmawr Quarry

Duration: 02:00

1 person
17 members attended
Request from WAST for team assistance with a casualty who was in an off road location. The team were called out to RV with a team vehicle on a public road, at a possible access point. One Team Leader went to investigate access via the quarry and found a road ambulance, several quarry staff, two ambulance crew and two helimed crew carrying the casualty on an ambulance chair through the bracken, hawthorn and bramble. The team were told to hold at the RV until the casualty arrived at the ambulance, then the team were stood down.
6 Penmaenmawr area

Duration: 08:13

1 person
5 members attended
NWP contacted the team for possible assistance to search for a vulnerable missing person. Some initial confusion as to the location and authenticity of the reports led to the team being placed on standby. OVMRO search managers were stood up and started to formulate a plan. It was found out later that the missing person had been found safe and well so the team was stood down.
5 White Bridge near Bangor

Duration: 01:25

1 person
16 members attended
The team received a request from NWFRS for assistance for swept away car and driver from white bridge near Bangor. Team members deployed to assist the fire and rescue services.
4 Black Ladders area

Duration: 01:24

The team were asked to standby for possible over due climbers after a call from a concerned local who contacted North Wales Police. After investigation and no further reports the team stood down.
3 Llanfairfechan

Duration: 03:48

1 person
3 members attended
Overnight snow and ice meant the road was impassable to cars and 2 carers couldn't visit a bed-bound, vulnerable person to perform essential tasks. A call for 4x4 assistance from North Wales Police was received by the team and two team members deployed to assist.
2 Tal y Cafan

Duration: 08:37

1 person
5 members attended
incident photo Local walker under estimated the snow conditions and got stranded whilst out walking with his dog. Local farmers managed to find him and return him to his house. However his dog was still out on the ground and now lost. A small team was despatched to the last known location of the dog. After an extensive search they followed dog tracks back down to lower ground and then lost the tracks due to other animal tracks and the ground conditions. The dog was found by locals the next day, cold, exhausted and missing its owner.
1 Cwn Eigiau

Duration: 00:59

2 people
3 members attended
The team was put on standby after the police received a call with concerns for some possible overdue walkers. A local team member went to check the area and found that their vehicle had now been moved. It was then decided to stand the team down. A concerned call with good intent.