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Details Description
22 North Ridge Tryfan

Duration: 03:10

Two walkers became cragfast on the North Ridge of Tryfan when they had tried to re-trace their steps down the mountain. They stopped on a small ledge on steep ground and rang for help. A poor phone signal complicated the initial stages of the rescue, but the couple were finally spotted and a small hill party were able to rope them onto safer ground for the walk down.
21 Crimpiau

Duration: 03:20

6 members attended
A solo male walker on the summit area of Crimpiau requested help due to chest pains. A hasty response party deployed with medical kit whilst other team members attended Oggie Base to form a stretcher party. Once on scene the hasty party requested the assistance of the Coastguard Rescue helicopter as the male was in need of an urgent evacuation. R936 landed on and the casualty was flown direct to the cardiac unit at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd for emergency treatment.
20 Pentir

Duration: 07:25

An 18 year old male had been reported missing about a week ago as there were serious concerns for his wellbeing. Initial searches had taken place in the Cefn ddu area by Llanberis MRT, RAF Valley MRT and SARDA Wales, as this was the last place he had been seen. His bike was subsequently found abandoned close to Pentir so NWP requested assistance with a further search for him. A large group of Team members searched paths, hedgerows, ditches and fields around Pentir but were stood down at dusk with no sighting of the missing person.
19 Idwal area

Duration: 02:25

18 members attended
A well prepared couple had walked over Tryfan and were descending back to the road from Bochlwyd. Unfortunately about 10 mins from the road the female walker slipped on a wet rock and sustained a suspected broken ankle. Team members were deployed and the casualty was treated for the injury and then carried on a stretcher back to the road for a short journey to hospital in their own car.
18 SE Ridge of Y Garn

Duration: 01:34

5 people
11 members attended
Two climbers on Continuation Wall heard cries for help that they associated with a group descending and appearing to be in trouble on the steep screes to the right of the Devil's Kitchen on the southside of the SE ridge of Y Garn. They did not have voice contact with the group but identified that they were in terrain which is dangerous and they appeared to be struggling. The team deployed to investigate and met with up with the informants who had confirmed they had seen the group descend fully. Another team member had also managed to find the party and found that goats had been close by and may have been the noise the concerned party heard. Once the group were safe at the road the team was stood down.
17 North Ridge Tryfan

Duration: 01:43

2 people
16 members attended
The team were called direct by 2 males who were lost on the North Ridge of Tryfan. The Team Leader spoke to them both who said they could see other people on the route. The Team Leader confirmed their position with phone find and then agreed with the party that they would link up with someone else who would assist them to the road. The team had a party standing by at base who were just back from another callout ready to deploy and assist as required. The Team Leader monitored the group until they had confirmed they were down and safe. The team were then stood down.
16 South Ridge Moel Siabod

Duration: 03:45

2 people
15 members attended
2 males who had been walking up Siabod decided to scramble directly up the south ridge. One of the party pulled off ahold and fell injuring his head and lower back. The team deployed a hasty party who were deployed as well as requesting the helicopter to assist. The helicopter picked the hasty party up and dropped them at the scene. The casualty was packaged by the team and then winched off the hill and flown to hospital.
15 Aber Falls

Duration: 03:20

1 person
19 members attended
A family had been out walking around Aber Falls area when their 10 year old son fell out of a tree he had been climbing. Concerned about his injuries, the family called for an ambulance who transferred it to Mountain Rescue. Rescue 936 Helicopter was asked for and the boy was winched on board and taken to hospital.
14 Carnedd y Filiast

Duration: 01:46

2 people
9 members attended
2 female walkers set off from Ogwen Cottage with the intention of ascending Y Gribin, Glyder Fawr, Y Garn and then descending back to Ogwen Cottage. After Y Garn they kept going along the north ridge looking for a good descent path but never found one. After Carnedd y Filiast they turned right and started to descend. Concerned and worried with only phones for torch light and n map they decided to call the police for help. A small hill party deployed and assisted.
13 Cwm Lloer

Duration: 03:02

2 people
16 members attended
A 22 Year old female had been camping around Northern Snowdonia and on her final night the weather had turned very wet and windy which resulted in her tent being blown away. She called her family and explained the situation and then tried to shelter out of the wind, rain and snow. Her Father had driven from Cardiff to Snowdonia and started up towards Cwm Lloer in the early hours to look for his daughter in worsening conditions facing gale force winds and wintry showers. He called his wife and asked her to call Mountain Rescue for help at about 0530hrs as he was now not feeling well. The team responded and deployed a small party towards Cwm LLoer where on the way up spotted a lone person walking down who was the Father. At about the same time the daughter had made it down to the A5 and managed to call her Mother who alerted the team. Oggie base reacted and acted as an RV for Father and Daughter to reunite. All casualties and team members were safe and well and the team was stood down just before 0900hrs.
12 Bragg Rocks, Tryfan

Duration: 02:30

1 person
14 members attended
The team were called out to a female walker who had slipped near Brag rocks on Tryfan. A small team of 6 were deployed and met up with the casualty party as they had been making progress down the mountain. All team members and the casualty made is safely back down to the road and the team returned to base.
11 Cwm Bochlwyd

Duration: 01:55

1 person
17 members attended
The team was called out to a male walker who had slipped and broke his leg just below Bwlch Tryfan. Rescue 936 were available and attended the scene. The helicopter deployed the winch-man, but then departed due to bad weather. The team deployed a hasty party to assist as required. Luckily a break in the clouds meant the helicopter could return and pick up the casualty and winch-man. The casualty was then flown to Ysbyty Gwynedd and all team members returned to base.
10 Cwm Idwal

Duration: 02:02

3 members attended
A member of the public called North Wales Police reporting that they had heard shouts for help around Cwm Idwal. The team were placed on standby while a small party deployed to investigate. No one was found to be in danger, and after an extensive search the team were stood down.
9 Tal-y-Cafn Bridge

Duration: -1:-13

1 person
3 members attended
NWP asked the team to be on standby for a potential male who was threatening to jump into the River Conwy. The team was put on standby, however the situation was resolved and the team was stood down.
8 Newborough Forest

Duration: -1:-58

1 person
16 members attended
The team were asked to assist with a missing 9 year old in Newborough Forest. Team members were asked to provide their availability and deploy to the RV. The girl was found shortly after and the team were stood down.
7 Penmanmawr Quarry

Duration: 02:00

1 person
17 members attended
Request from WAST for team assistance with a casualty who was in an off road location. The team were called out to RV with a team vehicle on a public road, at a possible access point. One Team Leader went to investigate access via the quarry and found a road ambulance, several quarry staff, two ambulance crew and two helimed crew carrying the casualty on an ambulance chair through the bracken, hawthorn and bramble. The team were told to hold at the RV until the casualty arrived at the ambulance, then the team were stood down.
6 Penmaenmawr area

Duration: 08:13

1 person
5 members attended
NWP contacted the team for possible assistance to search for a vulnerable missing person. Some initial confusion as to the location and authenticity of the reports led to the team being placed on standby. OVMRO search managers were stood up and started to formulate a plan. It was found out later that the missing person had been found safe and well so the team was stood down.
5 White Bridge near Bangor

Duration: 01:25

1 person
16 members attended
The team received a request from NWFRS for assistance for swept away car and driver from white bridge near Bangor. Team members deployed to assist the fire and rescue services.
4 Black Ladders area

Duration: 01:24

The team were asked to standby for possible over due climbers after a call from a concerned local who contacted North Wales Police. After investigation and no further reports the team stood down.
3 Llanfairfechan

Duration: 03:48

1 person
3 members attended
Overnight snow and ice meant the road was impassable to cars and 2 carers couldn't visit a bed-bound, vulnerable person to perform essential tasks. A call for 4x4 assistance from North Wales Police was received by the team and two team members deployed to assist.
2 Tal y Cafan

Duration: 08:37

1 person
5 members attended
incident photo Local walker under estimated the snow conditions and got stranded whilst out walking with his dog. Local farmers managed to find him and return him to his house. However his dog was still out on the ground and now lost. A small team was despatched to the last known location of the dog. After an extensive search they followed dog tracks back down to lower ground and then lost the tracks due to other animal tracks and the ground conditions. The dog was found by locals the next day, cold, exhausted and missing its owner.
1 Cwn Eigiau

Duration: 00:59

2 people
3 members attended
The team was put on standby after the police received a call with concerns for some possible overdue walkers. A local team member went to check the area and found that their vehicle had now been moved. It was then decided to stand the team down. A concerned call with good intent.