Incident Details






Details Description
49 Tryfan, Milestone Buttress area

Duration: 00:57

10 members attended
A party of four had walked Tryfan but became separated on the way down, one of the party was still overdue so the rest of the group called for assistance. A team member drove along to begin an initial check of the road and carparks and found the walker and informant shortly after. No further deployment was required.
48 Moel Siabod, Llyn Y Foel

Duration: 04:35

12 members attended
Two walkers were on the way up Moel Siabod, intending to climb via Daear Ddu ridge, when one of the pair slipped and injured their ankle. An initial hill party deployed with full cas care and stretcher equipment with a follow up team in support. The casualty was assessed and packaged for a stretcher wheel/carry down towards Capel Curig and the waiting team vehicles. The pair were transported to their guest house in the village with the intention to self-present at hospital.
47 Yr Wyddfa - Miner's Track above Llyn Glaslyn

Duration: 02:51

1 person
12 members attended
OVMRO requested to assist Llanberis MRT with an evacuation on a wheeled stretcher of a walker with a suspected broken leg on the Miner's path on Snowdon as LLMRT were responding to two other incidents at the time. A hill party were deployed to meet with LLMRT members at Pen y Pass to drive up the Miner's path. The joint team met with LLMRT who were already extracting the casualty and assisted with the end of the stretch carry before driving back to base.
46 Tryfan, West Face (Wrinkled Slab)

Duration: 03:11

10 members attended
An informant called to say that their partner was stuck on a ledge in the wrinkled slab area and was unable to get down - the informant had been lowered to get phone signal to call for help. A hasty party was deployed with lead climbing equipment and were able to climb up to the climber's location. The climber was then able to down-climb on a confidence rope to safe ground and then walked back to the roadside.
45 Cwm Llafar

Duration: 03:44

11 members attended
A walker called to report that their brother had fallen some distance into a waterfall in Cwm Llafar, he was now out of the water but lying unconscious with head injuries. A local hasty party deployed directly and a further two hill teams dispatched with further equipment from base while Rescue 936 was also tasked. The helicopter located the casualty and managed to land on approximately 200m from them. The initial hasty party assisted the winchman to assess and move the casualty onto a stretcher but it was evident that he had not survived his injuries. The casualty, brother and hill team were lifted back to base by R936. The thoughts of the team are with the family and friends of the walker at this difficult time.
44 Tryfan, Milestone Buttress

Duration: 04:07

10 members attended
A solo walker was descending the north ridge of Tryfan but lost the main path and descended on to steep ground above milestone buttress. Unable to continue on or back they called for assistance. A hasty party was deployed to locate the walker and a further team deployed to the road with TRR kit if required and to spot the hill party on to the walker's location. The hill team were able to access the walker directly and help them back down the climbers' descent path to the main track and the road.
43 Cwm Tryfan

Duration: 01:35

14 members attended
A solo walker called to request assistance as they were lost in low cloud and concerned about getting down with night drawing. They were known to be in the area of Bwlch y Ddwy Glyder but an exact location via phone was not possible and further communication difficult so multiple hill teams were deployed on the usual descent routes. The walker was located by a team low in the area of Cwm Tryfan and guided down to the road.
42 Y Garn

Duration: 03:28

5 members attended
A walker called to report what appeared to be an individual lying in a bivvy bag on a crag below them - due to the steep ground they were unable to reach them so called for assistance. A small hill party comprising RAFMRT and OVMRO deployed to investigate and Rescue936 was also tasked. The helicopter overflew the site and located an old, uninhabited bivvy bag and no signs of a person. The hill party continued on to the location and retrieved the bag.
41 Aber Falls

Duration: 04:45

10 members attended
A dog owner called seeking help to rescue their dog from a ravine at Aber falls. Local team members deployed directly with further troops taking technical rescue equipment from base. The owner and dog were located in very steep ground and assisted back up to the path before being helped back down to the main track.
40 Moel Siabod

Duration: 02:10

20 members attended
Two walkers called for assistance when they lost the path on Moel Siabod and could not continue up or down. They were located using Phonefind/Sarloc and guided by the team leader towards the descent path. Meanwhile a small hill party deployed in a vehicle to drive towards the pair to provide support. The walkers were met by the hill party just below the quarry and guided to the waiting vehicle to be driven back to the road.
39 Tal y Fan, Ty Uchaf near Rowen

Duration: 01:59

1 person
15 members attended
A solo walker became disoriented and lost while descending from Tal y Fan as darkness fell and weather became very wet. The individual was reported lost by family members via Dorset police and after some time it was possible to gain phone communication with them but they were unable to use Phonefind to assist with location so team members were deployed to begin searching. From the walker's described position the Team Leader was able to guide them downhill where they eventually found a gravel track, after walking further they were found by searching MRT, re-warmed and returned home to their holiday cottage safe and well.
38 Gribin Facet descent footpath

Duration: 03:30

11 members attended
A party of 3 was walking down the slope adjacent to the Griben Facet into Cwm Idwal when one party member slipped and injured their knee. They provided some pain relief and tried to continue but eventually were unable to continue as the pain was too great. The team was called out and, after assessment, the casualty was packaged and transported to Idwal car park.
37 Aber falls

Duration: 03:29

7 members attended
A solo walker departed Bangor at about 14.00 intending to follow an Alltrails route around the Carneddau via Gyrn and Moel Wnion. As the light fell they became disoriented and ended up in the area of Bera Bach towards Aber Falls. They chose to sit out the night and wait for first light to continue but without overnight equipment became very cold so called for assistance. A small hill party was deployed and were able to drive within a short distance of the walker, who they assisted back to the vehicle and then drove back to Bangor.
36 Moel Siabod, Daer Ddu Ridge

Duration: 05:34

15 members attended
Two walkers were scrambling up the Daer Ddu but became stuck approximately 100m from the summit so called for assistance. A small hill party was deployed in team vehicles to drive up past Rhos Farm to then walk up the main ridge. The hill team then descended the top section of Daer Ddu and located the walkers, they then assisted the pair back down the ridge to the main track and back to the team vehicles.
35 Cwm Penmachno, Rhiw Bach

Duration: 05:15

7 members attended
A call was received from North Wales Cave Rescue Organisation (NWCRO) regarding assistance with a casualty who had fallen and dislocated their shoulder a very short distance into a mine entrance at Rhiw Bach. The call was initially sent to South Snowdonia MRT but as there was an Ogwen team in the area from an earlier job they were also deployed directly to help SSMRT.
34 Cwm Llugwy

Duration: 02:34

6 members attended
A party of five were waling in the Carneddau but became lost in cloud while defending Carnedd Llewelyn so called for assistance. The informant was located using phone find/Sarloc and advised on the best route down towards Ffynon Llygwy, meanwhile a small hill party were deployed in team vehicles up the water board road to find the walkers. The TMs met the walkers near the lake and guided them back to the access road and drove them back to their vehicle at the A5.
33 Glyder Fach, Eastern Gulley

Duration: 08:55

5 people
18 members attended
A party of five followed a scrambling route over Tryfan and Bristly ridge in winter conditions. On sumitting Glyder Fach they decided to take what looked like a shortcut back to their car, down Eastern Gully. On getting to the steep section/choke point near the bottom and without winter equipment, one of the party decided he could no longer go up or down due to a knee problem and so they called for help. A hill party was deployed to locate them and Rescue 936 was tasked but, unable to access the cas location, lifted 4 TMs up towards the summit area. Three of the walkers had ascended and left the area, leaving the remaining two who were eventually found in the bottom of the gully, despite the informant saying they were near the top. One was immediately walked off the mountain. The casualty with the injured knee was helped back up the gully protected by a rope from above and then was also walked off.
32 Carnedd Dafydd, summit area

Duration: 04:04

14 members attended
Two climbers had ascended Carnedd Dafydd via the Crib Lem spur scramble but on topping out one of the pair felt dizzy and unwell, unable to continue they called for assistance. Team members gathered at base and Rescue936 was requested but was unable to directly access the cas location due to low cloud so picked up TMs from base and dropped them about 1km away. In the meantime another TM, climbing with a friend, topped out Crib Lem spur and located the casualty group. They provided basic cas care, food and placed the cas in a shelter until the hill party arrived. The casualty was assessed and determined they could walk with assistance so began to make their way off the hill directly to base.
31 Devils Kitchen

Duration: 00:48

1 person
15 members attended
Lone adult male was reported overdue from a hill walk up the Devils Kitchen in the Ogwen Valley. After initial enquiries by police and Mountain Rescue, including searches by MRT of the Ogwen A5 lay-bys. The male was reported safe and well by family members.
30 V Cleft, West Face Tryfan

Duration: 05:37

4 people
16 members attended
A party of 4 walkers had climbed Tryfan and came into difficulty during the descent as they took a route directly down the west face, becoming stuck in steep, loose ground in V-cleft gulley. One of the party was unable to continue with a knee injury so their partner stayed with them and called for help while the remaining two continued down. In the meantime an additional party of 13 students also followed the same route into the gulley, two of the party were uncomfortable with continuing on the dangerous terrain so remained with the initial two walkers on a ledge and waited for help while the rest of the group continued without them. A hasty party was deployed from base with case care equipment to locate the group of 4 while further TMs gathered with additional TRR and stretcher equipment. Due to the nature of the terrain and number of casualties Rescue 936 was requested but had been committed elsewhere so Rescue 912 from Humberside was tasked. The aircraft was able to locate the casualty group and winched the 4 walkers from the gully location and dropped them at base for a debrief.
29 Tryfan, West Face (Castle Rock)

Duration: 05:50

14 members attended
A mother and teenage son were on the west side of Tryfan when the son took a tumbling fall of 20m-30m down a gulley. The mother was able to get to his location but, without phone signal, had to leave him to get help and spoke with a number of people at the roadside. Multiple reports were logged with unclear information and so two hill teams were deployed to try and locate the fallen walker. Rescue 936 was also tasked and quickly located the casualty in a gulley on the west face, the winchman was dropped to assess the casualty whilst the hill teams moved in to support. Due to the steep and unstable terrain a further two TMs were winched in with TRR equipment to assist the paramedic and, with the help from one of the hill parties, were able to move the casualty into a stretcher to be lifted into the aircraft. R936 then flew to base to pick up family members before flying on to hospital.
28 Tryfan, North Ridge

Duration: 01:11

1 member attended
An informant called with concern for a baby goat seemingly stuck in some rocks low down on the north ridge of Tryfan. The Team Leader was unable to make phone communication with the informant so drove to meet them at the roadside. They discussed that the goats are resilient and will usually self-rescue, and that the risk to the team in deployment was not warranted at this time. The informant was also encouraged not to attempt to rescue the animal themselves. No further team deployment was actioned.
27 Pen yr Ole Wen, South ridge

Duration: 03:13

14 members attended
A solo walker had set out to walk the Carneddau via the south ridge of Pen yr Ole Wen. Near the top of the ridge they became stuck in steep wet terrain so called for assistance. A hasty party were deployed from base and walked up to the walker's location, they were able to confidence-rope the walker down the steep ground and onto the main path before walking back to the A5.
26 Moel Faban, Bethesda

Duration: 00:24

1 member attended
An informant called to request help with a family member who had slipped and injured their ankle. Whilst the team leader was following up with further information to deploy the team the informant called back to say that they had been able to move the casualty down to their vehicle so no further assistance was required.
25 Llandudno, Great Orme

Duration: 02:05

19 members attended
A family group were walking on the foot path on the southern side of the Great Orme above Llandudno, when one of them suffered a cardiac arrest. Bystander CPR was conducted as the Ambulance, Mountain Rescue and Coastguard were called to assist at the scene. The initial call was from Ambulance to Mountain Rescue but further assistance was requested from HM Coastguard to attend. Early team members on scene assisted with resuscitation efforts but sadly, after a sustained effort, it was determined that the casualty had not survived the cardiac arrest. HM Coastguard team took over the packaging and movement of the casualty back to the roadside ambulance.
24 Carneddau, Ysgolion Duon

Duration: 129:40

4 members attended
A multi-agency drone team undertook search activities flying drones on the Ysgolion Duon area between Carnedd Llewelyn and Carnedd Dayfydd. The search team was lifted into location by Rescue 936 and over 4 hours of drone search were undertaken on the steep ground to the west of the ridge line. A number of points of interest were identified for further investigation by drone or team members.
23 Devil's Kitchen

Duration: 04:25

17 members attended
A walker was following an Alltrails route around Llyn Idwal but became lost and eventually crag fast on steep ground. A small hasty party was deployed to locate the casualty as poor phone signal meant an accurate location from Phonefind/Sarloc was not possible. Further team members were deployed with additional tech rescue kit but the walker was found to the right of Idwal scrambles. They were confidence-roped down the steep ground and back to the main path before being transported back to their accommodation.
22 Yr Wyddfa, Miner's Track

Duration: 00:30

1 member attended
An informant called the police after hearing shouts for help. After a quick investigation it was evident that this was in the area of the miner's track on snowdon. The team leader confirmed the informant's location with phonefind and transferred the job to LLMRT with no further Ogwen involvement.
21 Tryfan, North Ridge

Duration: 03:10

14 members attended
Two walkers were ascending the north ridge of Tryfan but came into difficulty on steep ground when bad weather closed in so called for help. A small hill party was deployed from base and located the walkers. They were assisted back to the road via the main north ridge path.
20 South slopes Pen yr Ole Wen, Tal y Llyn farm

Duration: 03:15

10 members attended
Two walkers were walking above Tal Y Llyn farm on the south slopes of Pen Yr Ole Wen when one slipped and injured their ankle, concerned it was broken they called for assistance. A team deployed with hasty party assessing the casualty and stretcher party following up. The casualty was assessed and the limb splinted for a stretcher ride down to the roadside where the casualty was moved to their own vehicle to self-present at hospital.
19 Grey Slab, Glyder Fawr

Duration: 06:22

9 members attended
Three friends had ventured up a scramble to the right of Idwal slabs but nearing the top, one of the group was uncomfortable on the steep terrain and could not continue on or down. Few Ogwen members were available so the RAFMRT were called to assist and deployed in a couple of hill parties to assess the situation. The hill teams scrambled up to the climber's location made them safe before setting up a tech rope system to lower them down to safe ground.
18 Abergwyngregyn

Duration: 00:11

1 member attended
An informant called to say they could see lights flashing on the mountainside for about 3 hours and was concerned that someone may be in trouble in bad weather. Before any deployment was organised the informant called back to say the cloud had cleared and they could identify the lights and no further action was required.
17 A5 outside Bethesda

Duration: 00:21

1 member attended
NWP police offers called with concern for two sheep seemingly stuck on a ledge above the A5 whilst attending a HGV incident. The team leaders advised that this would be reported to the local farmer and if they required then the team would provide support to rescue the animals over the coming days. No further action was taken at the time.
16 Pen Yr Ole Wen, East Ridge

Duration: 01:40

17 members attended
An informant called with concern for a family member who had set out to run from Conwy to the summit of Yr Wyddfa but was two hours overdue in very bad weather conditions from their next checkpoint in Ogwen Valley. Initially the job went to LLMRT who spoke with the runner and located them on the descent of the east ridge of Pen Yr Ole Wen. The runner was then tracked on the descent via phone calls and phonefind/sarloc. No team deployment was required.
15 Dulyn bothy

Duration: 05:16

17 members attended
A group of four walkers had set out to walk in the Carneddau and stay at the Dulyn bothy. They were last heard from at midday having called a parent to inform that the weather conditions were worsening so they were going to cut short their day and return to the bothy. The family heard nothing further and so later in the evening called NWP with concern. The walkers' car was located on the approach road to Eigiau and so a small team was tasked to deploy to the bothy to investigate. The team located the walkers safe and well in the bothy and the family were informed that they would be leaving the next morning, contact would be made once they had phone signal.
14 Glyder Fach, Bristly Ridge

Duration: 00:50

2 members attended
Two climbers were ascending the Bristly Ridge scramble on Glyder Fach when one of the pair slipped and dislocated their shoulder. Unable to continue further they called for help. While speaking on the phone with the team leader they were met by two other climbers. Happy that they could continue with the assistance of those climbers the injured party made their own way off the hill and no OVMRO deployment was required.
13 Pen y Pass

Duration: 00:30

2 members attended
An informant called to report shouts for help in the area Pen y Pass. The team leader spoke with the informant and passed the job on to LLMRT to investigate further. No OVMRO deployment was required.
12 Tryfan, Notch gully area

Duration: 04:20

19 members attended
A group of 3 set out to walk Tryfan via the North Ridge but could not see the conditions higher on the mountain due to low cloud. When they came into snow and ice they did not have appropriate winter equipment so were unable to continue up or down and called for assistance. A small hill party was deployed with additional winter walking equipment to help the walkers. Once the group were located they were provided with warm clothing, micro-spike crampons and confidence roped down to the main path and better walking conditions to the road.
11 Carnedd Llewelyn

Duration: 03:10

9 members attended
A party of two were walking in winter conditions on the Carneddau when one of the pair slipped and suffered a deep cut to the back of their thigh. A passing ML group with a doctor stopped to assist and provided some pain relief and and assessed and dressed the wound but called for advice and so a small hill party were deployed to assist. The cas party had continued to move off the hill and were met by the team members on the way down. Due to the depth and nature of the cut the casualty was given antibiotics and the group continued walking down to the road.
10 Southern Carneddau, Carnedd Llewelyn

Duration: 09:33

13 members attended
Day 3 of the search included further support from the local neighbouring teams and helicopter with better visibility on the summits. However, winter conditions had by this time left significant snow cover, thereby limiting the probability of search success. As such, following over 3 full days of searching, a decision was made with NWP to postpone any further search operations. The thoughts of the team are with the walker's family and friends at this difficult time.
9 Southern Carneddau, Carnedd Llewelyn

Duration: 25:00

16 members attended
Day 2 of the search saw additional support from local teams including Aberglaslyn, LLMRT, South Snowdonia, SARDA and Rescue 936. No further significant finds were made so a search plan was drawn up for the following day when better weather conditions were expected.
8 Southern Carneddau, Carnedd Llewelyn

Duration: 19:56

22 members attended
A solo walker had set out from Ogwen Valley to walk the Carneddau, he made contact with family to state he had summited Carnedd Llewelyn at 13.00hrs but had not been heard from further so the family called NWP. Formal search management was established at Ogwen Base with initial hill parties deployed to line search the common paths. Low cloud, snow and strong winds made search conditions difficult and so further support was requested from neighbouring teams, the Coastguard helicopter R936 and SARDA dogs. No finds were made so a search plan was established for the following day.
7 Mynydd y Dref (Conwy Mountain)

Duration: 04:24

10 members attended
A group of work colleagues were out for a walk on Mynydd y Dref (Conwy Mountain) when one of the group slipped and injured their leg, unable to continue they called for assistance. Two hill parties were deployed and located the casualty. Following assessment and initial treatment the injured limb was splinted and the casualty was packaged for a stretcher carry/wheel to a waiting team vehicle. They were driven a short distance to the road for onward transport to hospital.
6 Tryfan, East Face

Duration: 01:00

2 people
2 members attended
An informant called to report concern for two walkers last seen on Tryfan. Following enquiries by the Team Leader and lacking any further reports or direct calls for help, this was assessed as likely a false alarm with good intent, no further action was taken and no OVMRO deployment was required.
5 Carnedd Ugain

Duration: 00:13

4 people
3 members attended
Incident not in the OVMRO operational area, NWP notified and re-allocated to LLMRT with no further OVMRO involvement.
4 Cwm Idwal, High Pasture

Duration: 09:28

2 people
12 members attended
Two hillwalkers had climbed the Idwal Staircase scramble and continued on to High Pasture to the right of Central Gully but were unable to continue up or down. The hillwalkers were not equipped with harness, helmets or technical climbing gear. The rescue helicopter (R936) deployed but was unable to winch or recover the cragfast walkers due concerns regarding the downdraft dislodging the pair and the winch cable not being long enough for the terrain. A hill party had been deployed and were only able to access the walkers' location by lead-climbing up to them in marginal winter conditions. Technical rope lower systems were rigged with the aid of RAFMRT and the pair finally recovered to safer ground before walking off.
3 Bochlwyd outflow path

Duration: 02:19

18 members attended
A group of walkers were descending the Llyn Bochlwyd path when one of the group slipped and sustained an open head injury. The walker was initially treated by their walk leader while a hill party were deployed and Rescue 936 also tasked. The walker was assessed and lifted by helicopter to hospital. The remaining group were assisted off the hill by the team members.
2 Foel Grach, Craig y Dulyn

Duration: 02:30

1 person
15 members attended
A solo walker became crag-fast near Craig y Dulyn having slipped approximately 20m whilst descending the eastern side of Foel Grach. A hill party was deployed to try and locate the walker but due to the concern of injury and their location, Rescue 936 was requested and tasked. The walker was located and lifted by the coastguard helicopter and dropped at a landing zone in the where they were met by the hill party. They were driven back to their own vehicle and advised to self-report at hospital.
1 Cwm Idwal, Devils Kitchen

Duration: 01:56

13 members attended
A solo walker called for assistance when they became benighted and lost the path while descending the devil's kitchen. A small team were deployed to try and locate the walker. As they walked in they received reports from others of a single light which had not moved for some time. The team were able to locate the walker and then assisted them back down to the A5.