Technical Rope Rescue

Technical rope skills are tested during night operations

Due to the technical mountain terrain that is covered OVMRO maintain a Technical Rope Rescue capability to allow the team to conduct rescues of individuals (and on occasion animals) across our patch.  All team members are training and able to operate as part of a rope rescue team with a number of team members being qualified as Rope Rescue Technicians or Specialists.  The technical rope rescue training complements the experience and knowledge team members have developed through their years of experience in the Mountains.

The skills that the team employ are:

  • Short/Confidence roping
  • Duel Capable Twin Tension Rope Systems (DCTTRS)
  • Snatch Rescues
  • Guiding lines
  • High lines

Whilst the team train internally we also look to conduct cross training with other teams to ensure we have a degree if interoperability if there is a requirement for extra resources on the hill.


Establishing highly technical rigging

Technical rope rescue

Operations at night