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7 Tryfan

15 Jan 2018 07:00
8 hours 0 minutes

1 person
Hill walking
10 members attended
At first light members from all 6 North Wales MRTs, RAF Valley MRT, and SARDA were all deployed onto Tryfan to search for the missing walker. The aim was to cover all the high priority areas as the weather was due to improve throughout the day. The assistance of the Coastguard Helicopter from Caernarfon was also authorised but not used due to the high winds. Mid morning the walker was found on the West side of Tryfan but had sadly not survived. More team members were sent to the location with extra equipment, and the walker was brought to the roadside on a stretcher.
6 Tryfan

14 Jan 2018 20:00
8 hours 0 minutes

1 person
Hill walking
15 members attended
The team were called out as an experienced, well equipped walker had not returned from a planned climb up the North Ridge of Tryfan. As he was several hours overdue and the weather was forecast to deteriorate significantly overnight, several hill parties were deployed on to the mountain to search for him. Common paths were searched despite heavy rain and gale force winds, but the conditions were too dangerous to put team members high on the mountain. The search teams were stood down at 4am, and TLs planned the search areas for the morning when other MRTs were being called in.
5 Dolarrog

13 Jan 2018 14:15
1 hours 55 minutes

2 people
3 members attended
A mother and daughter reported themselves lost above Dolgarrog. Shortly afterwards they rang NWP again to say a family member was on the way to locate them so MR assistance was no longer required. The TL maintained contact with the party by telephone until the family member had arrived on scene. No action needed by MRT.
4 East Face Tryfan

10 Jan 2018 15:50
1 hours 30 minutes

2 people
Hill walking
17 members attended
Two walkers had attempted the North Ridge of Tryfan but had found the icy conditions high up challenging. In an attempt to retreat they unfortunately chose to descend North Gully and then traverse out below North Buttress, until they could go no further. The team were alerted and the help of the Coastguard Helicopter R936 was requested due to the difficult terrain and onset of darkness. The aircraft was able to winch them from the ledge and bring them to Oggie Base, both safe and well.
3 Holyhead

6 Jan 2018 19:50
0 hours 40 minutes

1 person
2 members attended
NWP requested a SARDA trailing dog to look for a missing person in the Holyhead beach area. The request was passed to SARDA and OVMRO offered to provide MRT back-up if required. No action required.
2 Glyder Fach

5 Jan 2018 10:40
1 hours 20 minutes

Shout for help
1 member attended
A passing motorist who had stopped for a few minutes on the A5 thought he could hear a shout for help from the Glyder Fach/ Tryfan area. However he agreed that it could also have been an animal. As no other reports had been received by NWP it was decided that there would be no MRT action unless further information was received.
1 Great Orme

5 Jan 2018 10:20
1 hours 40 minutes

Animal rescue
1 member attended
Report of a dog stuck on a ledge on a cliff face on the Great Orme. It became apparent that the RSPCA had already been tasked to this incident, therefore no MRT action needed.