Oggie 8 Rules


  • The challenge will take place on Saturday 10th August 2019.  No other date is being considered but should the weather prove inhospitable, the challenge will still be run, but over a shortened distance.
  • Links have been provided via the OVMRCIO website and a copy of the route and all instructions will be available through this link.  Alternatively the route can be sent by email with a description of the route.


  • The event is either a team or individual based event. For event categories please see the following page. In the event of an incident to a team member, another member of the team is expected to stay with the casualty.  The rest of the team will be allowed to continue but must inform the next marshal of all necessary details of the incident before being allowed to continue.  A team of 2 will be allowed to complete the course.


  • Arrangements should be made to minimise the number of vehicles in the area and if possible only one vehicle should be used to come to base.
  • Registration will take place on Friday night between 1800 and 2200 hrs and on Saturday morning from 0600 hrs onwards until 0630.  At registration teams must submit their sponsorship forms.


  • Each team is expected to raise a minimum of £45 per team member and the minimum amount should be placed with OVMRCIO prior to the event.
  • A payment system is available through the online shop. Of course we hope that teams and individuals will raise more than this for the event.
  • All additional sponsorship money must be sent to the team no later than 1 month after the event (9th September 2019)


  • For those competing as walkers the start time is at 07:30 hrs. For runners it will be at 11:00 hrs. Both starts are on mass from Oggie Base.
  • No food or water will be provided and each team member and team must ensure they have adequate equipment for the walk.  Each team member is expected to have appropriate footwear for rugged mountainous conditions, carry a full set of waterproof clothing and extra clothing to maintain a comfortable body temperature.  They must have food and water sufficient for the needs of the day.  Each team must have navigation equipment, maps, group shelter, whistle, torches and first aid kit.  Equipment may be checked at any time throughout the day and must not be discarded.


  • Marshalls will be on the summit of all mountains as well as a number of other locations.  You will be expected to make yourself known to all marshalling points.
  • Teams will only be allowed to leave checkpoints once all members of a team have arrived and been logged at the checkpoint.  Team members are not permitted to split.
  • The car park at the Ogwen Falls Café in Idwal will contain a marshal.  Teams must pass on their details/numbers to the marshal before continuing along the route.  Any team arriving here after 1400 hrs will not be allowed to continue with the challenge without exception.


  • Teams will be deemed to have finished when they register completion on return to Oggie Base.
  • The time of the last team member is the time given to the team as a whole.  If only part of the team which started finish, then they must have informed a marshal at the first opportunity of the incident where their team mates were left.  As long as this information is passed on to Challenge control, a two man team will be given a finish time.
  • The minimum age for the event is 18.